Musical Club of Hartford

10/27/2022: Talya Smilowitz and Zisl Slepovitch - “From Street to Stage: Popular Roots of Art Music”

Talya Smilowitz, a native of West Hartford, a former winner of the Musical Club’s High School Voice competition, and now a professional singer and cantor in the NY tri-state area, and ​Zisl Slepovitch, a multi-instrumentalist, educator, composer, and founder and leader of several Klezmer bands, will present a program entitled, “From Street to Stage: Popular Roots of Art Music.” The program will encompass a wide range of musical repertoire that is rooted in popular culture, folklore, and applied music. It will include works by Rachmaninov and Dvorák, Joel Engel and Lazar Saminsky, Kurt Weill and George Gershwin, and more.

Talya Smilowitz

Zisl Slepovitch

Talya and Zisl

 Photo credit: Yuliya Levit