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Göran Marcusson, flute and Tim Carey, piano, Apr 12, 2018

Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 10:00am
Jolidon Concert Series
Westminster Presbyterian Church, 2080 Boulevard, West Hartford, CT

Jolidon Concert featuring Göran Marcusson, flute and Tim Carey, piano.

Göran, who is from Sweden, first received international acclaim after winning several competitions early in his career. Later, he was awarded a handmade flute of Waterford Crystal for his outstanding performance in a Galway master class, which was followed by a duo performance on television. He has played for many years at the summer Newport Music Festival, runs one of largest flute master classes in Sweden and also teaches at the Wildacres Flute retreat in North Carolina each summer. As one interviewer commented, “he makes brilliant flute playing look as easy as tossing a ball.”

Tim, who is from England and has been playing with Göran for over 20 years, has developed a reputation as “the flautists’ accompanist.