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Talya Smilowitz, vocalist, accompanied by Zisl Slepovitch

Thursday, January 13, 2022 - 10:00am
Jolidon Concert Series
Westminster Presbyterian Church, 2080 Boulevard, West Hartford, CT
Robert Connell

The Musical Club is excited to announce that Talya Smilowitz, vocalist, and a former winner of our Musical Club’s High School Voice competition, and her very talented acccompanist, Zisl Slepovitch, will present our first live concert and program of the season!

Given that this will be our first in-person program since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the program's themes will be “celebration of life" and “new beginnings". Talya will sing songs from Broadway, folk and pop music, as well as Jewish and other songs that reflect these themes.  

Talya Smilowitz

Talya’s collaborator, Zisl, is not only an excellent piano player, but also plays several other instruments, including the basset horn (a member of the clarinet family).  He will be accompanying Talya on a few works using this very unusual and interesting instrument.

Zisl Slepovitch 

Their program will be enjoyable and uplifting — just what we need after this long, dreary, battle with COVID-19!

No admission charge, but donations gratefully accepted.