Musical Club of Hartford

1/26/2023: Talya Smilowitz and Zisl Slepovitch (rescheduled date)

(This program was originally scheduled for October 27.)

Talya Smilowitz, a native of West Hartford, a former winner of the Musical Club’s High School Voice competition, and now a professional singer and cantor in the NY tri-state area, and ​Zisl Slepovitch, a multi-instrumentalist, educator, composer, and founder and leader of several Klezmer bands, will present a program entitled, “From Street to Stage: Popular Roots of Art Music.” The program will encompass a wide range of musical repertoire that is rooted in popular culture, folklore, and applied music. (See tentative program below.)

Talya Smilowitz
Zisl Slepovitch

Talya and Zisl

 Photo credit: Yuliya Levit


Talya Smilowitz and D. Zisl Slepovitch

From Street to Stage

Lieblich hat sich gesellet (My Heart Got Tenderly Bound) Anonymous, Germany, 1540.

Johannes Brahms. Gar Lieblich hat sich gesellet (My Heart Got Tenderly Bound). From Deutsche Volkslieder (German Folksongs), WoO 33, No.3

Klip-Klap Tirele (Knock-Knock, Little Door), Yiddish folksong, arranged by D. Zisl Slepovitch

Johannes Brahms. Ach, englische Schäferin (Oh, English Shepherdess). From Deutsche Volkslieder, WoO 33, No.8.

Antonín Dvořák. Largo (fragment), from Symphony No.9, From the New World.

Kol Nidre (from the Yom Kippur Jewish liturgy, Anonymous)

Joseph Rumshinsky. Hamavdil (He Who Separates the Holy and the Common).

From the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies at Yale University:

Efsher Hot Ir Finef Sent (Perhaps You Got Five Cents). Allegedly Warsaw Yiddish theater version of Brother, Can You Spare a Dime, by Yip Harburg (lyrics) and Jay Gorney (music). As performed by Jack M., remembered from the courtyard singer Moreno.

Anonymous. Der Hoyfzinger (The Courtyard Singer). As performed by Jack M.

Anonymous. Di Bone (Food Voucher). As performed by Hella R. and Ada V.


Haftarah Reading – Barchu (Bless God’s Name). From the Jewish liturgy.

George Gershwin

It Ain’t Necessarily So. From the opera Porgy and Bess.

Kurt Weill

Mack the Knife. From the Threepenny Opera.

Stay Well

How Deep Is the Ocean

What Good Would the Moon Be

My Ship


Irving Berlin

Blue Skies

How Deep Is the Ocean

There’s No Business like Show Business

Please note: Program subject to change at performers’ discretion. Additional announcements will be made from stage.