Musical Club of Hartford

9/29/2022: Musical Exploration - South Indian Music

David Schonfeld, one of our own, will present a program entitled "Introduction to the Classical Music of South India". David studied South Indian (aka Karnatak/Carnatic) music as a young man, including a long residency in India. Today David will offer a YouTube-based introduction to this ancient, but still vibrant culture. You will watch selected excerpts from vocal and instrumental performances as well as portions of lessons, lecture-demonstrations, and films.

This exploration, while focusing on a classical music tradition, will take us farther away geographically than we usually venture in our explorations. Expect to be entertained as well as informed!

Note that this morning's event will take place, not in the Sanctuary, but in Fellowship Hall, so that we may use the big screen and the Internet.

David Schonfeld, Vina, 1973.jpg