Musical Club of Hartford

Evelyn Bonar Storrs Piano Scholarship Fund

In 1989, Evelyn Bonar Storrs made a bequest to Musical Club to establish a piano scholarship. Her will stated in part, “I have tried to express my appreciation for the enjoyment and pleasure in having been a member of the Musical Club of Hartford...With this in mind, I have established the Evelyn Bonar Storrs Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships for talented and advanced students of piano...”

The Musical Club’s Evelyn Bonar Storrs Scholarship Committee, which administers the Storrs Scholarship Fund, distributes these funds in three ways:

  1. through a competition for high school students;
  2. through grants to organizations which then award these funds to qualified pianists;
  3. through individual scholarships to advanced university students of piano.

Application Requirements for Individual Scholarships

Recipients of the individual scholarships are selected by the Storrs Committee in April of each year after consideration of submitted materials. Eligible students must be of the ages 18- 30 and have traditional, classical training. Preference is given to students who either live in Connecticut or attend area universities. Each recipient is granted a one-year membership in the Club and selected recipients are invited to participate in the Storrs Scholars Recital in March of the following year for members of The Musical Club and the general public. To apply for a scholarship, a student must submit the following:

1. A completed Application Form. This form is a fillable PDF form. We recommend that you export or save this PDF and open it using Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete the form. Click SUBMIT and choose "Default email application" to submit the form via email. (The Adobe Acrobat Reader is available free for all computers here.) If you use a different PDF reader, the SUBMIT button in the form may not work! In this case, you will need to attach the PDF of the completed form to an email and send it to the addressee below.

2. A letter of recommendation from the student’s current piano teacher. This letter must be sent directly by the teacher to the person whose email address is given below.

All application materials and letter of recommendation are mandatory. All materials must be submitted electronically by email to:

Suzanne Hertel, Chairperson, EBS Scholarship Committee. Email address: smher82<at>aol.com

The application process for 2022 has concluded. The following pianists have been awarded scholarships for this year (degree program is at time of application):

Yi-Chen Feng
Derek Hartman
Guangfu He
Carter Johnson
Salome Jordania
JingCi Liu
Tongqing Liu
Yuanyuan Liu
Jonathan Mak
Alexa Stier

Rachel Breen
Ho Man Cheung
Simon Karakulidi
Linda Lee
Anthony Ratinov
Hyojin Shin

Undergraduate (BA/BM/Certificate in Performance)
Pio Castellano
Coco Ma
Lihan Sun

Congratulations to all!