Musical Club of Hartford

Member Program - Mar 7, 2019

Today’s program will feature fiddle tunes from Appalachia performed by Ami Montstream, hammered dulcimer, *Sydney Montstream-Quas, fiddle and vocal, Andy Mayo, guitar, and Walter Mayo, bass.  Music from Spain and South America will be played for us by Judith Handler and Mark Levesque, guitar and mandolin, and Swedish tunes are being offered by Rob Lindauer, nyckelharpa.  Bizet composed Jeux d’enfants in 1871 as a suite of miniature piano duets depicting various activities of very young children.  Selections from this work will be performed by Colette Switaj and Diane Day.  Suite for Cello, Piano and Flute, composed by Ami Montstream, will be presented by Nancy Skeele, flute, Karen Benjamin, cello, and Diane Day, piano.